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Create Encrypted Folders In Ubuntu With Cryptkeeper

Cryptkeeper is a system tray applet for Linux which is meant to provide you with simplified options for creating hidden encrypted directories. You can save your important data in these password protected and encypted directories and access it anytime by displaying the hidden folder from the system tray options. Cryptkeeper can also be used to import ENCFS files, which is the same software which we used to create an encrypted folder in Dropbox.

To create a new encrypted folder, select New encrypted folder option from the system tray. This will open a new dialog box where you will require entering a name for the new folder. You can also change the default location for saving the newly created encrypted folder. The default location in Ubuntu is the home directory. Click Forward to continue.

Crypt Keeper

In the next step, specify a password for the folder. Make sure that the password is easy for your to remember so that you may be able to access your files. Once the folder is created, you can place your important files within the encrypted folder which will only be accessible with the specified password.

Enter Password

The newly created folder is hidden by default, therefore, you will require launching Cryptkeeper, selecting the folder from the drop down menu and entering your password.

Important Data

This will unhide and display the encrypted folder(s) on the desktop in a system volume icon. You can create multiple volumes and unhide them anytime to access your saved data. A volume can be deleted by right clicking on its name from the system tray and selecting Delete.


CryptKeeper can be installed by entering the following command in the Terminal or from the download link given below.

sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper

Download CryptKeeper

[via Ubuntu Sharing]


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