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How to Install Google Chrome Alpha In Ubuntu

The Beta or stable release of Google Chrome browser for Linux has not yet to come. But Google gives its users early access to unstable Alpha release, you can download and install it on your Ubuntu machine. Google gives no guarantee that the browser will work correctly as it is a unstable release and the Linux build still lacks some privacy features.

The System requirements are Intel Pentium 4 / Athlon 64 or later CPU; 32- or 64-bit Ubuntu 8.04 or later, or 32-bit Debian 5. Support for other Linux distributions is planned; unpacking the .deb files by hand may work.

Note that installing Google Chrome will add the Google repository so that your system will automatically keep Chrome up to date. If you don’t want Google’s repository, do “sudo touch /etc/default/google-chrome” before installing the package.

Download the appropriate package for your system.

After downloading the .deb package, you can install the it in two ways.

  • Right click the package and select “Open GDebi Package Installer”
  • Otherwise, open terminal go to the directory where the package is saved. Provide the following command to install Chrome sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.deb

Now Chrome has installed on your Ubuntu machine, go to Applications > Internet and click Google Chrome


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