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How To Recover Deleted Files/Data In Ubuntu Linux

If you are using Windows, there are many 3rd party tools that can help you recover your files easily. But if you are using Ubuntu, then it can be quite a huge problem. But worry not, since now you can recover your files in Ubuntu too.

Scalpel is one of the best command line tool to recover deleted files in Ubuntu Linux. It can recover almost all types of files. It visits data blocks of files sequentially and identifies deleted files and recovers them instantly. You can install it by running following command in your terminal.

apt-get install scalpel

Once installation is complete, you can start to recover your deleted data by using a simple command. Run the following command in terminal to recover your data.

scalpel /dev/sda1 -o output

where ‘output’ is the name of directory in which scalpel places the recovered files. You can specify any name to this directory, just make sure that this directory should not exist in your system because Scalpel create directory itself. Check the following snapshot to get an overview of how Scalpel searches deleted file.


The time taken by scalpel to recover files depends upon the total disk space and the amount of deleted data in your machine. Further you can check logs of recovery process by viewing audit.txt file in output directory. Enjoy!

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