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Install And Use Wine In Ubuntu Linux

Most often you need to run windows applications in Linux, Wine makes it possible. It is a free, easy-to-use application which allows you to run windows programs in Linux environment. Wine is capable of installing programs of almost all versions of Windows.  Installing wine in Ubuntu Linux is very easy. Just run the following command in your terminal to install it.

apt-get install wine

Now, Wine is installed and your Linux environment is ready to install and use windows programs. You can load it from Applications > Wine.


Now for example, to install WinRAR using Wine in Ubuntu, first download the .exe file of WinRAR and right click it and choose “Open with Wine windows program loader“.


Installation wizard will start and it will install WinRAR immediately. You can check it from Applications >Wine > Programs>WinRAR.


There is a long list of Windows programs which can be installed via Wine on Ubuntu Linux. It is an opensource program and is always in constant developement stage, we hope to see more features in upcoming releases. Enjoy!

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