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How To Install The Mac-like La Capitaine Icon Theme On Linux

Love Mac OSX but on Linux? Consider switching your current theme over to La Capitaine. It’s a modern, Mac-inspired icon theme. The La Capitaine icon theme doesn’t come with a Mac OSX theme of its own. That said, the developer highly recommends using the theme in combination with Arc OSX.


Getting La Capitaine on Ubuntu is quite easy as the developer has a dedicated PPA for users to install. This PPA has support for many versions of Ubuntu that still receive updates (16.04/18.04+).

Adding the official PPA for this icon theme starts out by opening up a terminal. In the terminal, use the add-apt-repository command to add the new software source.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dyatlov-igor/la-capitaine

With the new La Capitaine software source added to Ubuntu, you’ll need to run an update. Updating is key, as Ubuntu will not be able to install La Capitaine otherwise. To run an update, use the apt update command.

sudo apt update

Running an update usually returns new software upgrades ready to install. To ensure that the La Capitane packages are fully compatible, it’s a good idea to install these software upgrades before continuing.

sudo apt upgrade -y

With the software upgrades taken care of, install La Capitaine.

sudo apt install la-capitaine-icon-theme


There isn’t a Debian package or software repository for La Capitaine. Still, due to the similarities between the operating system and Ubuntu, there shouldn’t be any issue getting it installed.

Note: installing this package via the Ubuntu PPA is iffy and may not work for you. If it fails, try the generic instructions instead.

First, use the wget tool to download the latest Deb package from the repository directly to your Linux PC.

wget https://launchpad.net/~dyatlov-igor/+archive/ubuntu/la-capitaine/+files/la-capitaine-icon-theme_0.5.0-1-0ubuntu1~xenial1_all.deb

Next, use the dpkg packaging tool to install the icon theme to your Debian PC.

sudo dpkg -i la-capitaine-icon-theme_0.5.0-1-0ubuntu1~xenial1_all.deb

La Capitaine is just an icon theme, so there should be no breakages when it comes to dependencies. Still, if there is a breakage, it is easily fixed with the following command:

sudo apt install -f

Arch Linux

As you might have guessed, the La Capitaine icon theme has a set of package build instructions on the AUR, so Arch users can install it. To start the installation process, open up a terminal and use the Pacman packaging tool to sync the Git package.

sudo pacman -S git

Once Git is working on Arch, use it to clone the latest snapshot of the icon theme directly to your Arch PC.

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/la-capitaine-icon-theme.git

Using the CD command, move the terminal into the la-capitaine-icon-theme folder.

cd la-capitaine-icon-theme

Building La Capitaine with makepkg will install any important dependencies right away, for the most part. In the event that the builder fails to get a dependency, the package build will fail. To fix this, you’ll need to install the dependencies manually. They can be found here, on the official La Capitaine AUR page.

Start the build with:

makepkg -si


Getting the La Capitaine icon theme on Fedora is possible thanks to the third-party Copr repository. To enable the repo, open up a terminal and use the DNF package tool to add it.

sudo dnf copr enable tcg/themes

With the repo enabled, install the icon theme package to Fedora.

sudo dnf install la-capitaine-icon-theme


Thanks to the OpenSUSE Build Service, La Capitaine is readily available to OpenSUSE Leap version 42.3, 15.0, and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. Installing the icon theme requires no terminal commands. Instead, head over to the download page on the OBS and select “Show community packages. From there, select the “1-Click Install” button to get the theme installed.

Generic Instructions

La Capitaine is easy to install, even if you’re using an obscure Linux distribution. To install it, ensure you have the latest version of Git installed. Once the Git tool is installed, CD into the /usr/share/icons directory.

cd /usr/share/icons

To install the La Capitaine icon theme system-wide, simply pull it down from Github.

git clone https://github.com/keeferrourke/la-capitaine-icon-theme.git

Due to the structure of the La Capitaine icon theme, no further configuration is required!

Single User

Interested in enabling the La Capitaine theme for a specific user only? Follow these instructions:

1: create the ~/.icons folder, as your Linux PC may not have it.

mkdir -p ~/.icons

Using the Git tool, clone the icon theme to ~/.icons:

git clone https://github.com/keeferrourke/la-capitaine-icon-theme.git

Enable La Capitaine

Enabling the La Capitaine icon theme on your system is as easy as going to the “Appearance” section of your desktop environment. Not sure how to find appearance, or how to enable the theme? Consider clicking on one of the links that correspond to your Linux desktop environment! We go in depth on how to enable things like custom icon themes, GTK themes, and more!

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