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How to fix Calendar missing in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a calendar built into the app. This calendar is more of a scheduler and while it will integrate with Outlook, it isn’t going to show you your entire Outlook calendar. The meetings that have been set in Teams will be synced to Outlook but the Calendar tab in Teams will only show events related to Teams.

The Calendar tab is an important tab if you want to schedule a meeting for a team. It provides users a comprehensive list of the scheduled meetings for the current team.

Fix Calendar missing in Microsoft Teams 

If you cannot see the Calendar tab in Microsoft Teams, the reason is probably because it’s been turned off. This problem exists for Microsoft Teams users who have an enterprise or business license.

Fixing it is simple but you will need admin access for the Team. The Calendar tab is missing in Microsoft Teams because it has been turned off from the admin center.

  1. Access the Microsoft Teams admin center. 
  2. In the column on the left, expand Users.
  3. Select a User.

  1. Go to the Policy tab for your user. 
  2. Look for Global (Org-wide Default).
  3. You will see a list of apps. Click the Add App button.
  4. Add the Calendar app.
  5. Ask everyone in your team to restart their desktop client to see the Calendar tab.

No scheduled meetings in Microsoft Teams

In stark contrast to the missing Calendar problem that Enterprise/Business users of Microsoft Teams have, users with a free account are unable to see their scheduled meetings in the Calendar tab.

This isn’t a bug. It is a limitation of the free Teams account. The only solution to this is to use the Google Calendar link that is generated when you schedule a meeting. You can add the meeting to Google Calendar which can then sync with any other Calendar app e.g. iCloud Calendars or Outlook Calendars. 


If Calendars is enabled for your team, but the Calendar tab is still missing in the desktop or web app, it is possible that your use is part of a custom policy where Calendars have been turned off or your user isn’t allowed to create or schedule meetings. Microsoft Teams has a lot of different ways to manage permissions and controls for various members of a team which is why some users may see the Calendar while others may not. If an admin has decided your user doesn’t need to see the Calendar tab, there is little you can do about it.


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