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How to Share Audio on Zoom: Best Methods for Computers and Smartphones

By checking the Share Sound option during screen sharing on Zoom, you can easily share your computer audio with other meeting attendees. Know how to share audio on Zoom using multiple methods from this detailed guide.

Zoom is one of the top names in the field of video calling applications, along with Google Meet. It lets you connect with other people from anywhere in the world. Besides personal communication, this app is popular for its intuitive features for business uses.

One such feature is audio sharing. While in a meeting, users can share their audio and video with others according to the needs of the meeting. In case you don’t know how to share audio on Zoom, this article is for you.

How to Share Audio on Zoom

What is Zoom Audio Share Feature?

If you choose to use Zoom for online meetings, you can enjoy various file and media sharing features of this platform. Computer audio sharing is one of the most useful features of Zoom that hosts of webinars and meetings can often utilize.

On the contrary, if you attend webinars and meetings frequently, knowing how to raise hand in Zoom will be of great benefit.

Actually, computer audio sharing is a subsidiary feature of the screen sharing attribute. When you want to share audio being played on your system with other meeting participants, this feature will be highly useful.

Users can utilize this feature during presentations, meetings, webinars, and workout instruction sessions. Furthermore, this feature doesn’t require you to go through a complex setup. You can effortlessly enable the audio share feature of Zoom with just a few handy steps.

How to Share Audio on Zoom on Windows and Mac

If you access a Zoom meeting from a desktop or laptop that runs on Windows or Mac, you can easily. You need to have the Zoom desktop app to avail this feature. Now, let’s go through the steps to share audio on Zoom:

How to Share Audio on Zoom on Windows and Mac

  1. First, make sure you’re a part of a Zoom meeting as a host or participant.
  2. Click on Share Screen to get options to select (window or screen.)
  3. You’ll find the Share Audio option on the bottom toolbar of the Zoom app.
  4. Click on the check box beside the option to start sharing your audio with the other meeting attendees.

Additional Method on Share Audio on Zoom With Screen

While you’re already sharing your screen, it’s possible to start sharing audio when you need it. For that, try these steps:

  1. With screen sharing turned on, you can move the cursor to find the Zoom toolbar on top of the screen.
  2. Click on the More button.
  3. Select Share Sound from the drop-down menu. From now on, Zoom will also share your computer audio.

Share Audio in Zoom on iPhone or Android

If you attend a Zoom meeting from a mobile device such as an Android or iPhone, you won’t be able to start the audio share feature directly. However, you can apply a hack for this.

The trick is to join a meeting from your smartphone first and then from a computer. Thus, you’ll be able to share audio on Zoom via the smartphone and share the screen on the computer.

Share Audio in Zoom on iPhone or Android

  1. While you’re already in the meeting on a mobile phone, open Zoom on your computer.
  2. You have to use the same meeting ID and participant ID to access that meeting.
  3. Now that you joined the meeting from the computer, click on Share Screen.
  4. Check the Share Computer Sound option to start audio streaming from both devices by default.
  5. Now, you can mute your computer to share the iPhone or Android audio.

How to Troubleshoot Audio Sharing Issues on Zoom

If you follow the above-mentioned techniques, you shouldn’t face any trouble in sharing audio on Zoom. However, you might face some audio transmission issues that you can fix with the following troubleshooting methods:

  • If others can’t hear your audio, check the volume levels of your application and device. Increase the volume to a comfortable level and ask others if they can hear it. Also, test the microphone output in case you’re using a headset.
  • While sharing a video file or app, make sure it hasn’t been muted.
  • If there’s no audio even after trying these hacks, restart Zoom and your device.

FAQs on How to Share Audio on Zoom

Why Can’t I Share Audio in Zoom Meeting?

If connected from a Windows or Mac computer or laptop, check the system volume, video volume, and microphone output level. Increasing these should fix the issue. Contrarily, Zoom mobile app doesn’t let you share audio directly. You need to access the meeting from a computer and then enable this feature to start sharing audio on Zoom.

How Do You Share Music on Zoom Without Sharing Screen?

Sometimes, situations arise when you need to share audio without screen sharing on Zoom. In such cases, you need to use a hidden Zoom feature to share music only. Click on the Share Screen button and select the Advanced tab from the top of the screen. Click on the Music or Computer Sound Only button that’ll appear.

This will allows Zoom to share the audio your computer is playing without letting others see your video. Remember, the participants might experience a delay in audio transmissions.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to share your computer audio with or without the video during an online meeting, Zoom is here to help you. If you want to know how to share audio on Zoom, check out the methods described in this article to apply this feature from your computer or smartphone.

If you’re interested, check out the method to join a Zoom meeting by phone.

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