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How to join a Zoom meeting by phone

Online meeting tools normally cover all major platforms that are used i.e., desktop platforms (Windows, macOS, and Linux) and mobile platforms (iOS and Android). Zoom has desktop apps, mobile apps, and it has a web app that allows anyone to host or join a Zoom meeting from a modern desktop browser.

Zoom generally relies on its own app or a browser to work however, there is one other method that you can use to join a Zoom meeting; dial-in.

Zoom meeting by phone

Join Zoom meeting by phone

Zoom gives users the option to join a meeting by phone. This allows them to forgo installing the Zoom app and simply call a phone number to enter the meeting. Instead of using the internet via a WiFi network or a 3G or 4G network, a user makes a network call. The dial-in method can be used from a smartphone and it can be used from an ordinary desk phone or landline.

Set up phone number for Zoom meeting

Zoom does not automatically allocate a dial-in number for all meetings. It must be set up before a meeting starts, and it must be shared with participants. In order to set up a phone number for a Zoom meeting, the host must;

  • Have a pro Zoom account
  • Subscribe to the Audio plan add-on 

Join Zoom meeting by Phone

To join a Zoom meeting by phone, a user only needs the phone number and the password to the meeting to join in. They do not need to have a pro plan. 

  1. Dial the phone number for the meeting. It should be in the invite or you can look it up here.
  2. Make sure you have the Meeting ID for the meeting ready.
  3. Enter the Meeting ID number and end it with the Hash/Pound symbol.
  4. Enter the participant ID if you have one. If not, press the Hash/Pound symbol to skip the step.
  5. Enter the passcode/password for the meeting if prompted, and press the Hash/Pound symbol after.
  6. Wait for the host to allow you into the meeting.


Zoom’s free plans are fairly limited but meeting participants do not need one if they’re dialing in. Meeting hosts can also dial in to a meeting. The only difference is they will have to enter an extra code but the rest of the process is more or less the same. The downside is that you have limited controls i.e., you can mute and unmute yourself. Other controls (including video and screen sharing) will not be available.

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