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How to dial-in to a meeting with Microsoft Teams Conference ID

To join a Microsoft Teams meeting from your phone you must have the official Microsoft Teams app installed, and you must have internet access. The Microsoft Teams mobile apps are free and most people have internet connectivity on the go however, if you’re trying to join a Microsoft Teams meeting from a desk phone, you can do so with the conference ID.

Microsoft Teams Conference ID

Microsoft Teams Conference ID

Microsoft Teams allows users to call in and join a meeting from any type of phone. The only thing you need to join a meeting or call is;

  • The dial-in number for the country the meeting is being hosted in.
  • The conference ID for the meeting.

Find Microsoft Teams Conference ID

Microsoft Teams automatically assigns all teams/organizations a dial-in number for meetings. If you do not know what the dial-in number is, you can visit the official number listing from Microsoft here.

The next thing you need is the conference ID. The conference ID is a number that is automatically generated by Microsoft Teams when;

For a new/ad-hoc meeting, the conference ID will be listed in the Meeting Details.

  1. Click the more options button at the top and select Meeting Details.
  2. In the panel that opens, copy and share the Conference ID with whoever wants to join by phone.

For a scheduled meeting;

  1. Open the meeting details by double-clicking the meeting in the calendar.
  2. The details will contain the conference ID. Copy and share it with participants who will be dialing in.

Dial-in with Microsoft Teams Conference ID

Once you have the conference ID, you can dial-in to the meeting from a phone. This can be any phone; a desk phone, a smartphone, or a feature phone.

  1. Dial the dial-in number for the country the meeting is being held in.
  2. Wait for the call to be answered by the automated system.
  3. Enter the conference ID using the dial pad on the phone and enter the # (hash or pound) symbol at the end.
  4. The automated system will ask if you are the organizer of the meeting. Skip this step i.e., do not press 1.

  1. You will hear ‘waiting music’ as you enter the meeting and are directed to the waiting room.
  2. The meeting organizer will have to allow you to join the meeting.
  3. Once you’ve been allowed, you will be able to hear everyone, and everyone will be able to hear you.

Note: For obvious reasons, you cannot join with video. This will only be an audio call.

Tips on dialing-in

  • Enter the dial-in number for the country the team was created in. Each country has its own number. If you’re in a different country, you will not use the number for your country. Instead, you must use the number for the country the meeting/team is in.
  • If you’re in the same country as the team/meeting, you can skip adding the country code.
  • You should enter the city code when dialing in.
  • Some teams set up a different phone number. If so, confirm with the meeting organizer which number to use to dial-in.


Dialing in seems complicated but you will find that it is easy to do once you have the conference ID. Each meeting has its own unique conference ID. The dial-in number may or may not be toll-free. It depends on the country and the team settings. If you plan on dialing into a meeting, check if you will be charged for the call before you enter it. 

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