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How to get the Microsoft Teams machine wide installer

Microsoft Teams can be used for free, and by individuals in their own personal capacity. It is, however, most often used by organizations. 

An organization will normally purchase licenses for employees, and assign them via company email addresses. It’s all done on an organization level so it stands to reason that the installation of Microsoft Teams isn’t left to end-users/employees.

Microsoft Teams machine wide installer

Installing Microsoft Teams isn’t hard, regardless if you install it on Windows 10 or if you install it on macOS. That said, organizations that provide computers or laptops to their employees will equip it with everything they need to work, and this includes apps like Microsoft Teams.

To that end, you can use a machine wide installer for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams: machine wide installer vs normal installer

The Micorosoft Teams machine wide installer;

  • Will install the same version complete will all features that the normal installer will install.
  • The machine wide installer is used by system admins to automate the installation.
  • The machine wide installer will automatically install Microsoft Teams for each new user that is configured on a system.
  • The system wide installer will install Microsoft Teams to a user’s folder.
  • The settings for Microsoft Teams that has been installed via the system-wide installer can be managed by the group policy on Windows 10.
  • Settings for Microsoft Teams can be updated for all users by running scripts on the target machine.

Use Microsoft Teams machine wide installer

The Microsoft Teams machine wide installer can be run on any system that you have admin access to however, you sould not install it unless it is on a system configured to run with an active directory. There simply is no need for it and it may cause problems down the line e.g., why Microsoft Teams keeps installing itself after you remove it.

  1. Log in to the system you want to install Microsoft Teams on. You can log in remotely but you must log in with an admin account.
  2. Download the Microsoft Teams machine wide installer from Microsoft. Make sure you get the correct version 32-bit/64-bit and team/license type for the target system.
  3. Deploy the installer and use the preset configurations for it.
  4. When the deployment is successful, the installer will be placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Teams Installer or in C:\Program Files\Teams Installer folder.
  5. When a new user logs onto the system, the installer will install Microsoft Teams to the user’s folder under C:\Users\UserName.


The machine wide installer makes it easier to install Microsoft Teams for multiple users without a system admin intervening with each one. It is not an update tool. Microsoft Teams will update automatically like it does. The version that is installed is identical to the one that you can download from the main Microsoft Teams downloads page.

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