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How to find the Microsoft Teams recording location

Microsoft Teams has a built-in recording feature for recording audio or video calls. The feature is available regardless of the type of meeting you’re having. 

The recording, once the meeting is complete or once it’s been stopped, is shared over the channel the meeting was held in. This recording can then be downloaded by everyone who is a part of the channel. 

Microsoft Teams recording location

Since it’s made available within the channel, team members don’t have to go looking for it however, Microsoft Teams, in order to make the recording available to all members, uploads it online. If you’re unable to find the recording for a team in a channel amongst the conversation clutter, you can download it from outside Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams recording location

Microsoft Teams recording work with the Streams service which is owned by Microsoft. It is one of many services that Microsoft integrates almost invisibly in Microsoft Teams. 

When a meeting is recorded, its Steams link is shared in the Microsoft Teams app and it’s accompanied by a handy download option so users don’t have to visit the Streams service to download it.

Microsoft Teams recording location in Streams

Retrieving a recording from Streams is a bit difficult because of how the data is organized. The UI isn’t built around Microsoft Teams since Streams is a stand-alone service in its own right.

Before you proceed, make sure you know which team and which channel the recording was under, and what date it was made on. 

  1. Access Streams in your browser.
  2. On the top bar, go to My Content>Meetings.
  3. Use the filters to sort the recordings by date.
  4. In the search bar, enter the name of the channel the meeting was held in.

  1. Select the meeting you want to download.
  2. Click the Download button under it.

Note: your Microsoft Teams account must have permission/access to Streams.

Microsoft Teams free

If you’re a Microsoft Teams free user, you do not have access to the Streams service. Your recordings are uploaded to OneDrive but will be deleted after 20 days. The safest thing is to download the meeting right away and save it locally in a properly named folder.


Microsoft Teams meetings aren’t recorded automatically. If you go to Meetings in Streams, you should not expect to see a full recording of every single meeting ever. Recording a meeting is a user-initiated action and it may be restricted to meeting organizers. If you find meeting recordings useful, you should ask a meeting organizer to record them when a meeting starts.

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