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Get A Slick New Tab Page With A News Feed & Built-In Translator [Chrome]

Chrome has a simple yet functional new tab page; you have speed dial, the bookmarks bar and a second page dedicated to Chrome apps. Despite the presence of this basic functionality, you will often come across extensions that allow you to change how the new tab page looks and works. Most extensions make use of the information that the browser already collects and display them in a more user friendly way while others add some extra features as well. New Tab Feeder is a Chrome extension that modifies the new tab page; in addition to sprucing up the appearance of speed dial and giving you better control over which sites are saved to it; it also lets you view news feed from select sites, translate text right from the new tab, take screenshots and upload them online, and customize the new tab page background.

When you first install the app, it will open the settings page in a new tab. From this page, you can select which items will appear in the news bar at the bottom, select an appearance i.e. background for the page Additionally, you can choose if the thumbnails for a website on speed dial will display screenshots of the site or its logo.

Once installed, a thin bar will appear along the top of the New Tab page; from left to right, the buttons will allow you to visit your news feed (the one you added in settings) or visit the installed apps. If you’ve closed several tabs, an third button Closed Tabs will be added for restoring them. Whenever you want to leave the apps or news feed view, click the home icon. At the top right, there are three more buttons; the camera button lets you snap a picture of what is currently open in your browser and upload it online. The cog wheel button lets you open the extension’s settings.

To edit a website appearing in the speed dial, moue over it. A cog wheel will appear at the top left of the thumbnail. Click it and modify the URL, title and icon for the site. To remove a site from the speed dial, click the small cross that appears on the thumbnail when you mouse over it.

The slight drawback of New Tab Feeder is that it does not integrate bookmarks in the new tab page. If the bookmarks’ bar is hidden when you browse normally, it will not appear in a new tab. To view it, you have to show the bookmarks’ bar (Control+Shift+B). Other than the lack of bookmarks integration with the new tab, New Tab Feeder is otherwise good with a very clean and easy to work with interface.

Install New Tab Feeder For Google Chrome

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