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AccountKiller Helps You Easily Delete Accounts On Web Services

Almost all online services out there require you to register an account with them before you can start using them.These accounts often hold a lot of information on you, including your name, email address, gender, phone number, address etc., with some services such as Steam also containing your financial information such as a credit card details. If you decide to stop using a service, you no longer need an account on it. While some websites provide you an easy method for deleting your account all your personal data stored on the service, there are some that take you through a long journey of finding the appropriate links, visiting multiple pages, filling forms and what not before you are able to delete your account. There are also some services such as Skype and eBuddy that do not let you delete the account at all. Since each service has its own set of rules and instructions for deleting an account, it is impossible to follow a general process for the purpose. AccountKiller is a web service that contains instructions on deleting accounts from a large number of web services. Other than these instructions, it also lists direct links for deleting accounts, wherever available.

The homepage of AccountKiller groups web services into three categories according to the amount of effort required by the users to delete their account from them. The White category contains the services that offer a very easy way for their users to delete their accounts, requiring just one or two clicks. Some of the famous services in the White list are Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Google. The second category is Grey, containing services that allow users to delete their account, but require following a cumbersome procedure for the purpose like emailing the developer or going through some advanced method to get their account deleted. Black is the last category and comprises of services that do not allow you to delete your account at all, such as Skype and eBuddy.

AccountKiller Main

You can select any of the sites from the list to view complete set of instructions on deleting your account from them. Whenever available, a direct link will also be provided for deleting the account.

AccountKiller Delete Account

If you don’t see the name of the required service on the main page, you can search for it using the search bar. Just start typing its name, and all matching services with account deletion instructions will start appearing.

AccountKiller Search

Under each individual service, users can post comments about whether it should belong to a particular category or not, and also point out any mistakes in the provided instructions.

AccountKiller Comments

AccountKiller is a brilliant idea, and it takes a lot of hassle away from the process of finding the exact way of deleting deleting all your redundant accounts on web services.

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[via Ghacks]


  1. Accountkiller did not help me at all, it does not help to remove personal information, I used Delentis and it was more effective and up to date

  2. On the topic, is there anyway to easily search for accounts on websites you might have used? I probably have some from years ago but don’t even remember making it. It’d be nice to get some old accounts off the web.

    • That’d be a nice idea but considering how a lot of services won’t let any third party check if someone else has an account on them, it might not be easy to implement.for many services.

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