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Add An ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Button To The YouTube Search Bar [Chrome]

Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky button isn’t used much. Most things that the average person Googles aren’t answered by the very first search result. In the event that you’re visiting a popular website like Apple, Amazon, or YouTube, you already know the URL to it and don’t need to Google it. The same can’t be said for videos on YouTube. Let’s say you wanted to check out the music video for the latest single released by your favorite artist.  You would of course search for it on YouTube. The first result will be the video as published by the official channel that you will click through to watch. Youtube I am feeling Lucky is a Chrome extension that saves you a few clicks and adds an ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button next to the search bar in YouTube. All you have to do is enter the name of the video you’re looking for and click it to go to the first search result.

Once installed, the ‘I’m feeling Lucky’ button is added next to the search bar and button in YouTube’s interface. Once you’ve entered the name of the video you’re looking for, click the button and you will be taken to the first video that would’ve appeared in the search results.

YouTube I'm feeling lucky

The extension is most useful when you’re looking for videos released by official channels. It’s helpful when it comes to finding a news story, movie trailers, music videos, and even videos popular video series such as the famous ‘Everything Wrong With’ series by CinemaSins.

For more obscure videos, ones where it’s hard to find who the original uploader is (example; anything that went viral and had a baby in it), you will have to skim the results on the search result page.

Install Youtube I am feeling Lucky For Chrome

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  1. Thanks Fatima for covering my extension 🙂 . if you are a more keyboard heavy user, you can press shift+enter after entering the search query, instead of clicking the “I am feeling lucky” button

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