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Dayboard: Add 5 Important Tasks To The New Tab Page [Chrome]

We’ve previously covered a range of complex task managers for desktop and mobile platforms, but if you’re looking for something much simpler, Dayboard for Chrome is worth a go. It’s a minimal New Tab page extension for Google’s web browser that lets you stay focused on the most important things in your daily agenda. The extension takes over the default new tab page and presents a simple canvas on which you can quickly jot the down five most important tasks and to-dos you want to accomplish on that day. The main idea behind the Dayboard is to keep track of these tasks and their schedules for you so that you won’t forget them.

When downloaded and installed, the extension automatically replaces the default new tab page for you, and there’s nothing else you will need to do to get it up and running.

Dayboard_New Tab

The canvas on which you can quickly type your tasks displays current date along with arrow buttons that let you navigate between your previous task lists. To begin, all you have to do is type the task name and press Enter. This in turn will save that task, and a checkmark will be displayed next to it. When a task is complete, you can simply mark that item as finished from the list. The good thing about Dayboard is that it presents your task list on every new tab page, constantly reminding you about chores you’ve not finished yet. Interestingly, Dayboard only lets you finish up to five tasks in a single day.

Dayboard_New Tasks

However, it does let you delete existing tasks and add new ones, or alter current tasks by clicking the edit button. The edit feature is good enough to accomplish more than five tasks a day by replacing new tasks with old ones.


Dayboard also lets you enter the ‘Focus mode’, which only shows you one to-do at a time. This can prove handy if you’re having a hard time focusing on multiple tasks in your agenda. For example, when in focus mode, you can simply focus on one task, and once you’ve completed it, you can mark it as finished. Dayboard also lets you skip a task by clicking its pertaining button.

Dayboard_Focus Mode

All in all, Dayboard is fairly useful for all activities and tasks that you want to be reminded of but are not tied to a schedule and are non-recurring in nature.

Install Dayboard from Chrome Web Store

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