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Get Auto, Inline Translation Of Uncommon English Words To A Desired Language [Chrome]

If English is not your native language and you find some foreign language words as you browse the web, or if you’re in the process of learning a new language, then Auto Selective Translator could be a really handy tool for you. This Chrome extension switches uncommon words/phrases from English to a language of your choice, and automatically displays inline translations, letting you quickly learn and understand new words. Translated words appear in tiny boxes over the original ones, allowing you to read with consistency without having to navigate away from the page to look up a word. Moreover, you can choose how much of the page is translated, and the number of translated words can be customized from the extension’s settings.

After you’ve added the extension to Chrome, click the button in the toolbar, and Auto Selective Translator will automatically translate uncommon words to your desired language. Translated words will appear over the original ones, which will allow you to view both the original and the translated word.


Options allow you to choose your desired language from a list displayed in a drop-down menu and change the number of words to translate. For instance, when you move the slider towards Translate More Words, a larger number of words is translated, whereas Translate Fewer words only changes only some words in a particular sentence. This selector should be set based on your level of comprehension of the language you want to translate. As you change the language under Translate from you will see words appear under the slider. Move it either ways until you understand what each of the listed words means. This tells the extension what level of reading support you need and it translates word accordingly. You will notice that if you have an understanding of many complex words, there will be fewer translations.

Auto Selective Translator

The extension does not say what the source for translation is. Remember that the translations are word for word and not phrase to phrase. This may affect your comprehension of certain text since words might take a different meaning when used in a phrase. The extension will give you a reasonable hint at what has been written and while it might be a useful tool for remembering words from a different language, it might not be much help should you want to master a different language.The extension can be installed from the link below.

Install Auto Select Translator For Google Chrome

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