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How To Automatically Mute Websites In Chrome

Chrome introduced a feature some time ago that let you mute tabs. In a subsequent update to the browser, that same feature was revamped so that it essentially blacklisted websites that you muted. You can get the old functionality back i.e. still muting just a tab and not the entire website. The point is, users don’t like websites just assuming they can play audio and Chrome has a feature that lets users turn it off. If you’d rather automatically mute websites that try to play audio, you can install an extension called AutoMute and it will do the job for you.

Automatically Mute Websites

Install AutoMute from the Chrome Web Store. The extension gets to work right away muting every single tab you open. If you navigate to a webpage that has a video on it in the current tab, AutoMute will mute it. It mutes tabs indiscriminately; tabs that are supposed to play sound e.g., YouTube videos are muted as are Facebook videos.

You can unmute a tab by clicking the speaker icon on the tab, or you can click the extension icon next to the address bar, and select Unmute current tab” from the menu. The menu also has options for muting all tabs, muting all other tabs except the current one, and whitelisting the current webpage.

In addition to these options, AutoMute maintains both a blacklist and a whitelist of webpages. You can choose to run the app in the whitelist mode where only whitelisted pages will be allowed to play audio. In blacklist mode, only blacklisted webpages will be muted while all others will be allowed to play audio.

By default, the extension runs in whitelist mode whereby all tabs outside the whitelisted ones are muted. Since your whitelist will be empty when you first install the extension, it will mute all tabs.

Adding a webpage or domain to the whitelist is pretty simply; copy and paste the URL in the indicated fields. To whitelist or blacklist a domain, you have to enter is as;


The extension requires that you enter one URL per line.

Chrome has a similar feature in place except it places a blanket ban on a website when you mute it. Users may want to reserve a complete ban on a website for a small number of them but Chrome makes it more tedious to manage. AutoMute gets it right; you can mute and unmute on the fly and you can maintain both a whitelist and blacklist of webpages and domains.


  1. Is there a similar Chrome extension to stop the automatic playing of videos…an even bigger problem for me???

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