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Azendoo: Elegant Web App For Collaborative Workspace Management

With the increasing popularity of the social media and the importance of collaborative teamwork, businesses are merging the two for increasing overall work productivity. Azendoo is a web application that strives to keep your input valuable to the entire team by instantly sharing your plans via profiles, workspaces, subjects, tasks, and team members. With its modern interface, managing tasks, enhancing team performance and accessing information, on the go, had never been this easy. You can also share and prioritize projects while sending emails and messages to relevant individuals. The emphasis here is not only to link a group of individuals in fulfilling objectives leading to successful task completion but to also connect work with the relevant tasks in order to encourage high value content sharing for the betterment of the team.

To start using the utility, you must first enter your email address to get an invite to your inbox. Clicking the confirmation link allows you to set up a workplace, which will act as a base for all your communication with respect to tasks.

Azendoo - Workspace Setup

The Azendoo dashboard is an organized display of resources geared at improving task and team management. The left sidebar allows you to add and maintain subjects, people and workspaces. The relationship is such that there can be multiple subjects and people in a single workspace. The workflow is described to help users with the first step for creating a subject, followed by sharing the relevant tasks with the team and personal profile management for ease of collaboration. Click the Invite to Azendoo button on the right sidebar in order to add people to link people with your activities. Moreover, tasks summary highlights recent, delegated, upcoming and near-deadline tasks, quantitatively. Discussion threads can be generated from the dashboard by typing the message in the relevant field. This subsequently encourages others to comment in reply leading to productive discussions.

Azendoo - Main

To create a subject, you must specify the related team-members, indexed in your account coupled with the ability to add descriptions or notes while adjusting the privacy level, accordingly.

Azendoo - create a subject

To add new team members, you must invite people to Azendoo by selecting the appropriate workspace and entering the respective email addresses.

Azendoo - Add people to workspace

The Tasks tab sets the ground for task management through a timeline visualization scheme with relevant tasks overlaid with time. As soon as a task completes, the relevant tile indicates completion. Clicking a tile brings details and deadlines to view for confirmation or modification.

Azendoo - Task Management

All in all, Azendoo is a useful web application designed to add life to the office environment by presenting a feature-rich social media interface and providing solutions for collaborations, team management and record-keeping.

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