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32 Best Web Apps Of The Year 2014

Whether you use a Windows PC or a Mac, or the less popular Linux, there is one thing that knows no borders, or platform restrictions and that’s the wonder world wide web. Specifically, we mean web apps that let us do so much, often for free, without ever needing to install so much as a plug-in on our systems. These web apps range from the simple ones that help us find music or a nice movie to watch over the weekend, to far more complex ones that can help us solve maths problems. Here is our round-up of the best web apps we found and reviewed in 2014.


1. Tweetshot (Select Which Image Will Appear When You Tweet A Link)


2. Algebra Calculator (Online Algebra Solving Tool That Gives Step-By-Step Instructions)

Algebra Calculator

3. Invoice To Me (Template Based Invoice Generator For Small Businesses)

invoice generator

4. Where To Watch (Find Where You Can Legally Watch Movies & TV Shows)


5. Until AM (Mix Music From Your Local Drive Or SoundCloud)

until AM

6. reCAPTCHA Mailhide API (Hide Your Email Behind CAPTCHA To Stop Spam)


7. Movieo (Discover Movies Starring Your Favorite Actor And More)


8. ChooseMyPC (Find Parts To Build Your Budget PC)


9. KnowYour4 (Calculate Your Risk Of Heart Disease)


10. ColourCode (Create Analog, Monochrome, Triad, And Quad Color Schemes)


11. aDollarApps (View Price History Of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, & BlackBerry Apps)

Price History

12. GIFDeck (Turn Presentations On SlideShare Into GIFs)

GifDeck settings

13. Juicing Assistant (Pick Juice Ingredients & Get Recipes With Calorie Info)

juicing agent

14. Postify (Schedule Facebook & Twitter Posts, And Set Them To Republish)

Postfity account

15. Watch This! (Find Movies To Watch Based On Rating & Genre)


16. RAW (Easily Create Visually Stunning Graphs From Spreadsheet Data)

RAW insert data

17. DelimCo (Delimit Column Data Using Space, New Line, Colon, Semi-colon, Or Vertical Bar)

delimit options

18. A Better Queue (Use Rotten Tomatoes Ratings To Find Movies On Netflix)

A Better Queue

19. Appear.in (Host A Video Conference Call Where No One Needs An Account)


20. Every Noise At Once (Listen To Music From Every Genre There Is)

Every Noise at Once scan

21. Movienr (Find Movies By Genre, Theme, Place, Period, & More)


22. Map of Metal (Shows Metal And All Its Sub-genres Through The Decades With Playlists For Each One)

Map of Metal

23. Lala Gif (Add Audio To Your Gifs)

gif with sounds

24. Jumptuit (Access And Manage Multiple Social Network And Cloud Accounts)


25. Background Burner (Remove Background From Photos)

Background Burner_Main

26. Netflix Roulette (Find A Random Movie Or TV Show To Watch)


27. FitsMe (Create Meal Plans & Find Recipies That Match Them)


28. Mikogo (A Free LogMeIn Alternative For Screen Sharing & Remote Access)

Mikogo_New Account

29. Timetable Web (Create & Manage Timetables Online)

Timetable Main

30. Tweetbits (View Your Favorite Tweets Into Categories In An Awesome UI)

New Category

31. MyPermissions Cleaner (Review & Manage Web Services Permissions For Your The Web Services You Use)

MyPermissions Cleaner_G

32. Vine For Web (Official Vine For Web With A Full Screen TV Mode & More)




  1. Thanks for this list, Fatima. My wife will love Where to watch and the Juicing Assistant (although I’m not sure I will love it, since I’m the one who constantly has to drink that stuff).

    I’ve written about it before, but I really have to say again that my top apps of 2014 were MindMeister and MeisterTask (although I only discovered them at the very end of the year). The two online tools integrate with each other, are really easy to use and are seriously bringing the fun back into project management.

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