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Block What Your Friends Like & See Only What They Share In Your Facebook Newsfeed

Your Facebook feed is comprised of two types activities; likes and shares. Every friend and every page that you follow can click the ‘Like’ button under a post and when they do, it appears as their activity in your Newsfeed. Similarly, pages and people can share links, photos, and videos and they too will appear in your Newsfeed. The difference between the two is that anything a friend or a page that you follow shares is likely very relevant for you. The likes, not so much. You don’t need to know if a friend of yours liked a shruggie for cats and what you’re exclusively interested in is what they share. Friends Feed is an extension available for both Chrome and Safari that hides ‘Likes’ by both your friends and pages you follow, leaving only what they share to appear in your feed.

Install Friends Feed and open your Newsfeed. If you already have Facebook open, refresh it for the extension to take affect. By default, the extension will hide ‘Likes’, however, if you go to the extension’s options, you can choose to ‘Fade out’ the posts instead of hiding them completely.

friend feed

The extension works under the assumption that you aren’t interested in seeing what places, pages, photos, videos, or stories your friends or a page has liked. It also hides/fades out when a friend of yours is tagged in a photo by someone who isn’t a mutual friend. It’s one of the quickest ways to clean your Newsfeed up and weed out the irrelevant activity you aren’t interested in.

Install Friends Feed

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  1. Will this only have result on the newsfeed, or does it also stop the like notifications please? (for Safari) Thanx in advance!

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