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Calculate Your Risk Of Heart Disease With KnowYour4

Heart failure is one of biggest causes of death and with any health risk, it’s never too early to start living and eating better. For a lot of people, the kick to start improving their health doesn’t come in until a real scare. That said, if you want to know just how much you are at risk of hearth failure, KnowYour4 is a little web app that tells you just that. It works in two modes; one relies on certain figures taken from a complete blood picture and is more accurate, the other relies on data like weight and blood pressure to assess your risk and is considerably less accurate than the first. It measures your current risk with the average risk rate and tells you what’s off.

The name KnowYour4 is based on four numbers that can be used to asses your risk of a heart attack. These four numbers are your Cholesterol level, your HDL Cholesterol, your blood pressure, and the number of cigarettes you smoke in a week. The results from these four numbers are more accurate than those generated using weight, height etc.


If you don’t have a blood report, click ‘What if I don’t know these four numbers’ to use the alternative method and we’re stating it again, this second method is far less accurate. You need your height, weight, blood pressure, and the number of cigarettes you smoke daily.

fournumbers weight

With both these methods, you are asked your gender, your ethnicity, whether or not you take any blood pressure medication, and if you are diabetic or not. Once done, a report is generated based on the data you entered.

The results tell you what your current risk  rate is compared to the ideal risk rate. It also identifies which factors you need to pay attention to, to improve your chances of avoiding heart disease. A graph is used to depict your current risk with the benchmark risk rate.

fournumbers results

KnowYour4 is an easy way to read your blood test results. Many lab reports will usually indicate what the normal levels are against the results for your blood but that doesn’t do much in telling you what that means in terms of health. If you haven’t seen a doctor in a while, or are at a higher risk than normal of heart disease then consider some drastic life changes. It goes without saying that this isn’t a tool for self-diagnosis but rather risk assessment tool. You should always consult a doctor.

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