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Center Align The New YouTube Design & Get Old Subscription Feed Back

YouTube’s just been given a design overhaul (again) and it’s a definite improvement on the old one. The bar on the left has been improved dramatically and the colors are now close to those you see on Gmail and across other Google services. The abundant black on each page has been replaced with a light grey. The downside to the redesign is that the black backdrop behind the video player is gone, so you’ll have to bring back those extensions for ‘turning off the lights’ like Cinetonic available for both Chrome and Firefox. Other changes to the design include the new expandable menu at the left that allows you to access video categories that you could previously access only from the front page. What’s highly unusual, though, is that the design is left-aligned, and not just a little to the left or a little heavier to the left. It’s pretty much clinging to the left and ruining the otherwise intelligent design. If you’d like to bring it back to being center-aligned, install the Youtube Center Aligned script for Chrome and Firefox.

Firefox users will need Greasemonkey installed and Chrome users will have to visit the extensions page to install the script once it’s been downloaded.

youtube new design left

Greasemonkey should take care of the installation in Firefox, you only have to click the ‘Install’ button. For Chrome, download the file and drag & drop it on to the extension’s page and you’re done.

Since it’s a script working, you will see YouTube pages aligned to the left until after the page finishes loading.


Apart from the alignment problem, your subscriptions aren’t as easily available as they were before. When logged in, the channel subscriptions that were visible on the front page have now been tucked behind a link. This is where the Youtube Centering and Subscription Feed Fix script comes in. Installation works pretty much the same way as it did with the previous script.

This script takes care of center aligning as well, but we’ve mentioned both in case you don’t want to restore the old subscription feed. Also, it’s always good to have knowledge of an alternative if one solution doesn’t work.

Redesigned interfaces are usually a good step forward and are tailored to to make a better user experience, but there are occasions when the changes are unwelcome. The new YouTube design is good but why they chose to lean to the left, is a question mark that is sure to get a lot of criticism.

Install Youtube Centering and Subscription Feed Fix For Chrome & Firefox

Install Youtube Center Aligned For Chrome & Firefox

[via Ghacks]


  1. Every new layout that Google makes for their services get successively worse. Gmail, Google Image Search, Google Play and YouTube are all almost unusable now.

  2. Every new layout that Google makes for their services get successively worse. Gmail, Google Image Search, Google Play and YouTube are all almost unusable now.

  3. My youtube layout is still the cosmic panda layout, any reason as to why I can’t see the new one? I can only see it when I log out.

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