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How to change the primary email for a Skype ID

Your Skype ID is associated with an email address like most online services are. The email is key to recovering a lost password, among other things. Your Skype ID can be changed but so can the email that’s associated with it. It’s a simple enough change to make and since Skype is often a critical communication tool for most people, you can not only change the primary email for a Skype ID, you can also add a secondary one. Here’s how.

Primary email for Skype ID

Visit this link in your browser, and sign in to your Skype account. In the column on the left, click the ‘Edit Profile’ option.

Click the ‘Add email address’ option under the ‘Email address’ section.

This will allow you to change whatever email is set as the primary email and also enter a secondary one if you want to. One you’ve changed the email address, scroll to the very end of the page and click Save.

You will get an email, on the newly selected address, telling you that your primary email and/or secondary email address has been updated.

The primary email is used to recover a lost Skype ID or password. The secondary email can be used for the same purpose but it will be a more complicated process to use it to recover your Skype login information. You will have to first to tell Skype you no longer have access to the primary email before you can use the secondary one.

The email that is associated with a Skype ID is also used to add a person as a Skype contact. Changing the email will not suddenly expel you from contacts’ lists. You will have to let people know which email to use to look you up on Skype since you’ve made a change but other than that, you won’t run into any problems.

You can change both your primary email for a Skype ID and also change your Skype username. Neither one is set permanently however, if you’ve been using the Skype ID in question for a long, long time, it’s not a good idea to make both changes at the same time. Space them far apart enough so that your contacts aren’t confused about who they’re talking to. If you’ve just created a new Skype ID and want to change your email and username, changing them both at the same time will not be as big a deal because your contacts’ list is still bound to be short.

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  1. Thanks for your post.
    However, even I changed to the new Primary email when I used Forget Password, the pop-up message is still giving the old email – which I have been lost its email.

    Could you please guide me on how to skype get the latest Primary email so I can reset my password?


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