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Check If A Hotel Review Is Genuine Or Fake

The South Park episode ‘Sponsored Content’ touched on how it’s nearly impossible to judge an ad from actual authentic content. It was exaggerated to some point but what isn’t on South Park? What you can take away from the episode, if nothing else, is that people are getting smarter with advertisements. When you buy something online, whether it’s a phone case, or a laptop, you look at the reviews a product has. When you rent a room at a hotel, it’s the same and hotel reviews can be fake. Review Skeptic is a web app that judges if a hotel review is real or fake. It bases its judgment on factors identified in a research done at Cornell University.

All you have to do is paste a review on Review Skeptic, click ‘Test it’ and it will tell you if it’s real or not.

Review Skeptic

Review Skeptic will identify which words seem to be deceptive and which seem to present a more truthful review. The app does give you final judgement on whether the review is truthful or not.

Review Skeptic - result

Review Skeptic is a work in progress and it learns. If you paste a review that you already know has been falsified, and the app passes it as an honest one, you can rate it as ‘False’ (or vice versa).

The app works only for hotel reviews so if you’re looking to buy something on Amazon or are looking at apartments on Craig’s List, the app won’t be able to help you much.

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