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Check If Your Email Was Used To Create An Account On Ashley Madison

The Ashley Madison hack has been making news for many reasons. Whether you feel like you need to chime in with a bit of morality or you’re upset about the apparent security theft that will affect so many people, it’s hard to avoid the news. What’s more shocking is the fact that many of the accounts were fake. The site didn’t verify email addresses so anyone could use any email address they wanted to create an account. There’s a chance that your email may have been used for the same. If your email is public information or can be taken from your LinkedIn profile the chances are greater that it might have been misused. Since a massive data dump has followed the security breach, you can check to see if your email was misused with a simple web app called the Ashley Madison Hack by KnowEm.

The app is very simple; you visit the link at the bottom, put in your email address and hit Search. The app will look through the database of leaked information to see if your email was listed among those belonging to Ashley Madison users.

KnowEm Ashley Madison Hack

Here’s what you see if you’re in the clear;

KnowEm Ashley Madison Hack results

We don’t have a screenshot of what you see in the unfortunate event that you’re not in the clear but if you haven’t signed up for the account yourself, take evasive measures. That might mean telling people you’re close to that your email was misused to avoid any trouble.

Visit Ashley Madison Hack by KnowEm

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