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Check If Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Is Good Or Needs Improvement

LinkedIn remains the most popular social network for professionals. Despite its problems with spam, it is still the preferred way for professionals to connect. At its core, the network is meant to be your professional introduction. Potential employers can look up your work history, your skill set, and find the quickest way to get in touch with you. Your profile gives you a lot of space to show you are personable through your professional summary, your cover photo, and your profile photo. People differ in opinion on what is a professional and suitable photo to use on LinkedIn. If you want an objective opinion on your own LinkedIn profile picture, give the Snappr Photo Analyzer app a try.

The Snappr Photo Analyzer can connect with your LinkedIn account and import your profile picture or, you can upload one from your desktop. You will need to connect with your LinkedIn account and analyze your profile photo before the app gives you the option to check other photos.

Snappr Photo Analyzer - linkedin

Snappr Photo Analyzer analyzes your face, the composition of the photo, and the editing needed/done. For each attribute, you get a score and the app details what you should do to improve it.

For the Face section, it analyzes your smile and then breaks the analysis down to explain how the photo can be improved. The Composition section looks at the zoom level, the law of thirds, and what you have in the background. The editing section looks at brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and color temperature.

Snappr Photo Analyzer

You get an overall score, out of 100, for your photo. I got a strong 55.

Snappr Photo Analyzer has been developed by a company called  Snappr and they offer professional photo shoots. The app is meant to show you the company understands, objectively, what a good professional photo should look like. You aren’t obligated to get a photo shoot of course but the idea is down right genius nevertheless.

Visit  Snappr Photo Analyzer

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