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Check Which Facebook Friends In The Oct 2015 Earthquake Are Safe

Facebook is proactively helping users check if their friends are safe post the 7.5 earthquake that struck Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India today. If you have friends on Facebook who live in the affected area, you can check with Facebook to see if they’ve marked themselves safe. If you yourself are in the affected area, you can mark yourself safe. Visit this link to check into the Afghanistan Earthquake 2015 check-in point. Details after the jump are commentary. Please visit this link to let you family and friends know you are safe.

Visit the link and click I’m Safe.

Safety Check for Afghanistan Earthquake

You can see a list of all your friends who have safely checked in. If you know someone is safe and has not checked in yet, you can mark them as Safe as well but the button is only showing up for select friends in your list. It’s possible the ‘Mark Safe’ option isn’t available for anyone who updated their status minutes after the earthquake.

Safety Check

Please note that during an earthquake, cell phone signals are seriously affected. You may not be able to call or text a close friend or family member. Checking in online will help everyone know you are safe and sound. It will keep network traffic from congesting as well.

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