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Get Notifications For Twitter Feed, Mentions, DMs & More In Chrome

Twitter can be a distraction and keeping up with it while trying to work can itself be quite a challenge. Apps like TweetDeck are one easy way to keep up with your feed by providing you notifications for all Twitter activity that involves you, eliminating the need for you to manually keep checking twitter for them again and again. If you would rather not use a desktop client, Notifications for Twitter is a handy Chrome extension that will give you almost every benefit that a desktop app does, right in your browser. The extension offers desktop notifications for new tweets in your timeline, new Direct Messages, @mentions, new results in a saved search, and whenever someone adds you to a list. You also get to choose which of these notifications the app displays, giving you control over them. The extension adds a  speech bubble next to the URL bar that changes color when there is new activity, and allows you to quickly post a tweet as well.

Before you can start using Notifications for Twitter, you need to authorize the extension to connect with your account. Click the extension button once and it will ask you to sign in to Twitter and authorize the app. A PIN with be generated for you by twitter in the process; click the extension’s button again and enter it to complete the authorization.

Notifications for Twitter Authorize

Next, head over to the extension’s options and select what activity you would like to receive notifications for. The Home activity is for all new tweets in your Timeline. The ‘Change Icon’ column allows you to choose whether the color of the extension’s toolbar icon will change upon that type of notification. When there are no notifications, the button is blue. If the Change Icon option is enabled, the button turns red when there are new Tweets in your timeline, with a badge to indicate how many new tweets there are. For all other types of new activity that the Change Icon option is enabled for, the button turns a yellowish-green.

Tweetings Options

The notifications themselves are pretty impressive, with built-in options to favorite the tweet, reply to it or retweet it. You can specify the duration for which the notifications will remain visible from the extension’s options.

Notifications for Twitter

Laslty, Notifications for Twitter lets you quickly tweet from your browser without opening the twitter website. You ‘ll be limited to text-only tweets though, as there is no option to add your location or a picture to the tweet. The interface shows the number of characters left as you type, allows you to log out, or visit the Twitter website.

Notifications for Twitter tweet

Notifications for Twitter is a good extension if you don’t want to keep Twitter open in a separate tab. It will continue to check for new items and important activity so that you don’t have to. The extension updates fairly fast, though you can’t you decide how often it will check for new items. Also, desktop notifications appear after a slight delay, but not long enough to be too noticeable.

Install Notifications for Twitter From Chrome Web Store

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