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How To Get A Code Editor In A Skype Call

It’s no secret that people use Skype to conduct interviews. It’s a great way to interview people without forcing them to board planes or take an hour long train ride. An online interview makes things easier for everyone involved but at times, it also imposes limitations. For example, if you’re interviewing for a development position, you might need to test a candidate’s coding skills and an online interview might impede that and the team behind Skype knows this. You can now get a code editor in a Skype call. All you have to do is use the Skype web interface for the call.

Visit Skype Interviews and click the Start Interview button.

The interview cannot have more than two people in it at one time. You have the option to sign in with your Skype ID, or to join as a guest.

Once you join the interview, you get a link that you can share with whoever you want to invite to it. The link will give your recipient the same sign in option i.e. they can sign in with their Skype ID or as a guest. Once there are two people in the interview, other people will not be able to join it even if they have the link.

Code editors aren’t universal i.e. you can’t assume a code editor will support any and all coding languages. The Skype code editor is no different. It supports C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, and Ruby. You can type code and click the play button to execute it i.e. show the output.

The interview interface lets you make a video call provided there are two people in the interview. The app will ask for access to your camera and mic and the call quality is what you’d get if you were using the Skype desktop app.

This is a pretty nice addition to Skype and it shows Microsoft understands what this product is used for. This is good news considering features like Skype stories have been added to the Skype iOS and Android apps. Not only that but Skype has also added reactions to its smartphone apps. These two features are geared towards a more social interaction use as opposed to a productivity oriented one. Skype is not, and never has been, a social media app. We might use it to talk to grandma but that’s because it’s simple to use. It is by all accounts a productivity app and features like screen sharing which have been a part of Skype for years underline that.

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