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Collaborate Online On Design Projects With Marqueed

Collaborating on projects remotely is never easy; the simple process of giving and getting feedback can turn into a long dragged-out conversation. You often face difficulty trying to get your point across or trying to understand what someone else is saying. For designers, this can become a recurring problem if they aren’t using a good collaboration service. Marqueed is built for this very purpose. It’s a simple web service that lets you create public and private ‘Collections’ of images, and work on them in collaboration with others. Let’s find out more about the service after the jump.

You can invite other people to your collections and on every image, all collaborators can leave comments. The comments can also be left for a particular part of an image, making it easier to pin-point what someone is talking about. Images can be added by drag-&-drop, or uploaded from Dropbox and Google Drive. Marqueed has a free plan that allows you to create two private collections, and gives you 100MB storage space for your images. For increased space and more private collections, there are a paid upgrades available. Marqueed claims to support PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, and PSD files but in our testing, it did not accept a PSD file.

Sign up for a free account to start using Marqueed. Next, drag & drop images on its interface from your local folders or desktop to create your first collection, and enter a name for it. The first two collections you create on a free account will be private ones by default, and each subsequent one will be a public collection. You can change the visibility of a collection from private to public (or vice versa) from the lock buttons at the top of a collection. Marqueed lets you create groups, and share multiple collections with them.


Click to open an image in order to draw on it or add your comments using the comment and freehand drawing tools available in the top toolbar. You can start drawing right away and then add a comment to the drawing you’ve made. Alternatively, you can add a comment to any part of an image by dragging and highlighting an area, and then entering a comment in the box that appears.

Marqueed comment

All comments and likes for an image appear in the top-right box while the image is open, and as badges on the image’s thumbnail in the collection. Marqueed also offers a bookmarklet that you can add to your Bookmarks bar. Clicking it scans the currently open website for images, and allows you to send any one or all of them to Marqueed. The bookmarklet isn’t very good at picking images though, and will likely miss many of them. Marqueed is a fairly good attempt at making collaboration easier for designers, but support for PSD files is a must-have for pretty much every graphic designer.

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