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Collectably Offers A Virtual Pinboard For Collaborative Bookmarking

We’ve covered quite a number of online bookmarking services before, including Dragdis and Favebucket, which are both amazing for how they integrate with your browser. Collectably is a service with a similar concept, except for that it’s built for collaboration rather than just bookmarking. The service is very basic at the moment; Chrome users can install the Collectably extension and use it to add links to their ‘boards’ while others can use the Collectably bookmarklet to do the same. Links are organized into boards, i.e., folders and you can add collaborators to those boards who can edit it by adding more links or removing the existing ones.

You will have to sign up for a free Collectably account before you can start saving your bookmarks.The interface is possibly the easiest to figure out, though some might call it empty space. Click ‘+Create new board’ to add your first board. All boards are private by default; however, you can make a board public from its settings.

Collectably new board

Once you’ve added your first board, you will be able to save links and add sub-boards as well as members to it. Sub-boards have a different background color and other than being able to edit their their title, you can’t add anything to them from the web interface; even when a URL is pasted, the sub-board does not generate a preview of the web page. The only way to add a link to a sub-board is to use the service’s bookmarklet or Chrome extension. When you move your mouse over a link, trash can and share buttons appear, which you can use to delete the link or share it with others respectively.

sub boards

Upon clicking, saved links open as an overlay on the website itself, with a direct link to the web page provided just below the title so you can open it easily in a new tab. To add a link, click the ‘Add link’ option from the options menu.

collectably save link

With the bookmarklet added, you can add links to any board without having to visit Collectably. It’s also the only way to add a link to a sub-board for browsers other than Chrome. You can save links to an existing sub-board, or create a new one.

collectably add link

While Collectably is very basic compared to Dragdis and Favebucket, it’s more oriented towards productivity whereas the other two are more like read-later services. The only improvement needed is of course to make sub-boards editable from the Collectably interface. The addition of tags would also make it easier to keep things organized, but the service can still be used productively without them. To install the extension or add the Collectably bookmarklet, visit the ‘Tools’ page at the Collectively website.

Visit Collectably

[via Lifehacker]

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