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Compare Music Prices On Amazon And iTunes To Find The Better Deal

iTunes changed the way music was bought and sold. The revolution it brought around had a major impact but with the passage of time we’ve seen several large companies enter the fold, all aiming to make it easier for people to buy, and artists to sell their music online. Noteworthy among the new names are Google, Amazon, and Spotify. That said, we now not only have a simple way to buy cheap music, we also have choice when it comes to where or who we buy it from. Services compete for users now and if you’re in the market for some new music, Tunemiser is a little tool that you can use to see whether Amazon or iTunes has a better deal on an album or a track.

Open Tunemiser and type in the name of an artist, an album, or a track that you want to buy and hit ‘I’m feeling cheap’.  For some songs, you might see no difference in prices while for others you can see both a minor and a major difference. The service that offers the track or album at a better price is highlighted in the results. Click the play button next to a service to hear a snippet of the song.


When you search for an artist the results will include tracks and their prices on both Amazon and iTunes. It will also show a price comparison for albums available on iTunes and Amazon. In some cases, the album might only be available on one service and you obviously won’t see a comparative price for it. It’s not bad and can be improved by adding more services for users to compare prices across.

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