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Compose A Text Note Anywhere And Email It To Yourself

Anyone who takes notes frequently likely has a go-to note taking app to do the job. Evernote is often the popular option but if you need one and don’t have a favorite to turn to, or you’re working on a device that isn’t your own, I don’t have a damn pen is a web app that you can use. It’s quite simply a note taking app that you can use from your browser, mobile or desktop, with support for basic font styles. The app lets you tpe your note in the browser and once you’re done, you can email it to yourself.

Visit I don’t have a damn pen and start typing away. The app lets you choose a font, a font size, and you can make it bold or italicize it. You can also select a color for the text and the background. Type away. When you’re done writing your note, enter your email and send it to yourself.


The app is a reasonable rich text editor but it doesn’t save the note you’re typing in the browser. If you accidentally close the tab you’re typing in, you will lose the note. The tab won’t even prompt you to save or send the note and will just close.

The app doesn’t have any backup service working behind it nor does it let you sync the note you’ve just written to a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox. It’s not exactly a drawback since the app is meant to be exceptionally basic and also very easy to use regardless of what device you use it from.

Visit I Don’t Have A Damn Pen


  1. Who else is gonna see the email addresses I put in there? Can I be sure not to start getting dozens of junk mails every day? Nice idea though.

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