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How To Find Contacts In The New Gmail Web Interface

Gmail has a new design and it’s pretty nice. Generally speaking, whenever a massively popular service undergoes a redesign users are left unhappy. That’s not the case with Gmail; everything looks so much better and there are new features like confidential mode and an offline mode. That said, there’s a small casualty of the new design; Contacts and Tasks. The old design allowed you to switch to contacts, and view and edit them but in the new design, they’re nowhere to be found. Here’s how you can access contacts in the new Gmail.

Contacts In The New Gmail

Google has removed Contacts from Gmail. There is no longer a dedicated panel or screen that lets you access contacts for viewing or editing. That doesn’t mean your contacts are gone. They’re still there and they’re synced with your Google account. It’s accessing them that’s become tricky.

There are two ways to go about this. The first is to just access the contacts synced to your Google account. It has its very own dedicated web page that is independent of Gmail. There are two versions of it; the new Material design that is in Beta, and the old stable version of Google Contacts which is almost identical to what Gmail showed you in the older design. You should bookmark whichever version you want to use. If you don’t use Google Chrome, this  is the best and quickest way to access contacts in the new Gmail.

If you do use Google Chrome, you can use a built-in Google app to access Contacts. It will save you a little space on your Bookmarks bar. Open a new tab in Chrome and click the little grid icon next to your profile picture. A small window will open showing you the different Google apps and services that you can access. Scroll down until you find Contacts, and click it.

Of course if this isn’t convenient for you, and it is obviously less convenient than having access to contacts in Gmail, then you can probably find an extension or add-on for your browser that lets you open Contacts more easily. If you give it a little time, it’s possible someone will eventually develop an add-on/extension that brings contacts back to Gmail in some form.

Google normally doesn’t make such oversights so it’s possible that this was intentional. Gmail is still rolling out new features to users and perhaps, in a few months, it will introduce a way to make it easier to access contact in the new Gmail.

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