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How To Convert A Google Slides Presentation To GIF

GIFs have become a popular format for creating screencasts. There are dedicated apps that let you record GIF screencasts, while others let you convert a video to a GIF. Imgur has its very own tool and dedicate GIF format for just this purpose. GIFs are a quicker way to consume media and it shouldn’t be limited to just videos. Tall Tweets is a web app that lets you convert a Google Slides presentation to GIF. You can download the GIF or tweet it.

Presentation To GIF

Visit Tall Tweets and sign in with your  Google Account. Click the Select Presentation button.

Select the presentation you want to convert to a GIF. Select how wide you want the GIF to be. You can select the width and Tall Tweets will adjust the height accordingly. Next, select the duration that each slide should ‘play’ in the GIF. Specify the duration in seconds e.g., 1, 1.5, 2 seconds, etc. Lastly, enter the order the slides will play in.

If you want all slides to play in their current order, simply enter each slide number separated by a comma. If you want to exclude a slide from the final GIF, skip it when you’re entering the order. For example, if you enter 1,2,4,5, it will skip slide number 3. To reverse the order the slides play in, enter their number in descending order for example, enter 5,4,3,2,1.

When you’re done, click the ‘Create GIF’ button. You can tweet the final GIF or download it. Here’s how our test presentation came out.

The GIF is high quality and you can go back and edit it if you want. Tall Tweets doesn’t save a copy of your presentation so if you navigate away from the editing page, you will not be able to make any changes to the GIF. Not that that’s a problem. Creating a GIF with Tall Tweets is incredibly easy and the only tedious part is entering the slide order which, if you want to play all slides in their current order, feels unnecessary but that’s nit picking at best. If you’re ever worried your presentation might be plagiarized or misused, you can share it as a GIF.

PowerPoint Presentation To GIF

Strictly speaking, this tool works only with Google Slides but Google Slides can import a PPTX file. Some formatting is compromised along the way e.g. your animations will be lost but you shouldn’t be using those in a presentation any way. Alternatively, and this will consume considerable time, you can recreate your PowerPoint presentation in Google Slides and then convert the presentation to GIF with Tall Tweets.

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