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ColourCode: Create Analog, Monochrome, Triad, And Quad Color Schemes

Adobe Kuler is one of my favorite mobile apps for two very simple reasons; it saves me the trouble of finding the right color for a theme and lets me just point to a picture that I like, and because it can create color schemes with a large number of variants. ColourCode is a web app that is my new favorite for creating color themes. It has seven different variations that it can create a theme from any base color that you select. The theme can be downloaded as an SCSS, LESS, or PNG file. Alternatively, you can also get a permalink to a theme and share it with anyone. There is no sign up required and the app is absolutely free.

ColourCode has a simple interface; you start off with one color and as you pan around on this first color panel, it changes color as if you were panning over a color spectrum. Tap on the panel to lock a color in when you like it. You can add additional panels by clicking the plus button at the right. Panels can be deleted by clicking the minus button at the left. To view one of the many color combination options, click toolbar on the left.


The Free Build option lets you start off with a single color that you choose yourself, and you can then add more panel and choose more colors to create your theme. Monochrome lets you pick a color and automatically generates shades of it. The more panels you add, the more shades of a single color you get. Monochrome with light and dark gray will mix shades of gray with shades of the color you originally picked. Presets for Analogic, analogic and complement, complement, triad, and quad schemes are also part of the offering. When you’ve settled on what you want to use, double click to lock it.

For each color, you can download it as an SCSS, LESS and PNG file, or use the links in the left toolbar to save the entire scheme.

colourcode swatches

I only wish choosing the initial color were easier. Not being able to see the actual spectrum as I move the cursor makes it difficult to pick a color. I may not be great at creating schemes but I do have some idea as to which color of the basic seven I want to use and whether I want a dark or light shade.

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