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Create Citation Notes & Save Them To Google Docs Spreadsheets [Chrome]

Citable is an instant web clipper that easily lets you copy titles, URLs, author’s name and other important information for your research sources. With it, you can also add notes, summaries, tags and additional reference information, which is then automatically saved in a spreadsheet in your associated Google Docs account. These notes enable you to keep track of all your references and allow collaboration with others online. Citable automatically saves website details, adding each note to a separate, numbered row in the spreadsheet, ensuring easier management and retrieval of all your research sources. With it, you can create, manage and organize notes/quotes with only a click or two. Moreover, you can print the notes or export them any time you want.

After installing the extension, whenever you come across interesting content that can be useful for your research or writing, click the button in the toolbar and the extension will automatically save details, such as URL, date and author’s name for the current article. In addition to that, you can add summaries, tags and other details manually.


Once done, click Save and the notes will automatically be saved in a spreadsheet in your Google Docs account. You may click the button displayed at the bottom left of the pop-up to export notes or print them onto Post-its for easy offline collaboration.


Citable is a handy extension that allows you to quickly copy important information or make notes for later use. Notes are instantly saved to Google Docs and are organized in spreadsheets in a neat manner. The extension also maintains your privacy and security.

Install Citable For Google Chrome

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