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Create Facebook Cover Photos From FB Pictures & Countless Templates

You can get very creative with Facebook cover photos if you have the skills for it but if Paint is the only image editor you can use well, it might be difficult for you to come up with something both original impressive. Many people simply put up one of their photos as their cover image and if that’s what you wanna do too, try CoverBud Designer. It’s a web app that lets you create cover photos for Facebook from your Facebook pictures, using its own template designs. The app lets you add a background image, create a collage with the photos you’ve uploaded to Facebook, and add text. The designer is super easy to use and it also allows you to preview your cover photo before applying, or edit it later. A small watermark is added at the bottom-left of the image, but it’s mostly obscured by your profile picture and is almost unnoticeable.

To view the CoverBud templates, head to its home page and log in using your Facebook account. Be warned that to use this app, you will have to grant it access to your photos and photos in which you’ve been tagged. Once logged in, click one of templates that you like, followed by the ‘Customize’ button in the expanded view of the template. The process of designing a cover photo with CoverBud Designer is divided into three steps: picking a background, adding photos, and adding text and/or shapes.

The background can be an image from your Facebook albums, a solid color, or one of the options provided by CoverBud. You can select the type of background you want from the tabs at the bottom and then move through the filmstrip to see what options are available.

Coverbud Designer background

Click ‘Next’ to continue and then choose the photos you want to add. In the event that you picked a template that has more than one photo, you will see photo holders for each slit and you will be able to set a different photo in each one. Do note that you can only add photos from Facebook so if you have the picture on your computer, you’ll need to upload it to Facebook first. All your albums are listed in the column on the left and the photos in the selected one appear in the filmstrip below the cover photo preview. Photos can be zoomed in and panned around to best fit their container.

Coverbud Designer photos

Adding shapes and texts is only possible if the template supports it and in cases where these two are absent from the template, this step will be skipped altogether. The text editor is pretty good; not only can you edit the font size, color, and angle, but you also get a large number of font faces to choose from. Any added text can be  deleted if you want.

Coverbud Designer text

When done, click ‘Publish’ and you will be able to preview and publish the photo. You can always go back and edit it if you aren’t happy with the way it has turned out. Publishing the photo is mandatory; once published, you will be able to set the photo as your cover photo.

Coverbud Designer apply

To apply the photo, you will be redirected to your Facebook profile. The preview doesn’t show the watermark; it will appear in the final photo that is set. The photo is already the perfect size, so you need only save the changes

facebook cover photo

The designer itself is nice but the templates are quite limited. It would be great if users could add shapes and arrange photos any way they liked.

Visit CoverBud Designer


  1. We were appending a link to your cover creation in the photo caption which was misconstrued as advertising. We have removed it and will be back up shortly after Facebook takes a look 🙂 Thank you for you patience

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