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Create GIF Images With YouTube And Add Text To Them

GIFs are becoming quite popular. Imgur, where the internet’s treasure trove of great GIFs resides, rolled out a new format called GIFV to make them play, load, and loop better. In case you were looking for a few great tools to make a good GIF, you can check out our list of GIF making apps. Alternatively, you can wait for YouTube to universally roll out its new GIF maker. The video hosting giant has obviously realised how popular GIFs are. Quite a few apps exist that let you paste a YouTube video’s URL and then extract a portion of it as a GIF so it kind of makes sense that YouTube would just add the feature itself. It’s still rolling out with one particular video having been identified as having the feature enabled for it. You might have to wait a while before it’s available for all videos but here’s how the feature works and the video you can test it out on.

The video with the GIF option enabled is Is Over The Garden Wall About Having Faith? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios. The option can be found in the Share button’s tabs. A new GIF tab next to Embed has been added.

The GIF can only be as long as five seconds of the video (not the GIF’s own play time). You get a slider to move across the video’s frames and position over the part you want to turn into a GIF. You can manually position it using the time boxes. Once you’ve selected the scene, add text at the bottom and top, click Create GIF when you’re done.

Youtube GIF creator

You get both the direct link and an embed code for the GIF. You can create a new GIF from that same video, or share the GIF to one of the eight supported social networks.


Obviously, this is something YouTube users will love. It’s also going to challenge other apps and services that create GIFs from YouTube videos. The good thing is that for now they can still compete on length and quality of the GIF and so long as the feature hasn’t been rolled out for all videos, popular GIF making services can up their game.

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