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Generate & Play YouTube Playlists Without Leaving The Current Page [Chrome]

YouTube channels and user-created playlists help you find videos similar to those of your interest, explore a particular type of video, or look for the best clips of a TV show or songs by a particular artist. In the event you can’t find the right playlist or you’d just like to watch a larger selection of videos without investing time in searching for and creating a playlist of your own, YouTube™ ListPlayer is a Chrome extension that might prove to be of help. It lets you search for YouTube videos and creates a playlist of the results. You can move to the next or previous video, play a video out of order, and repeat or shuffle the ones in the playlist. All videos will be played in a tab that opens when you hit play, and not in a separate window or pop-up. The extension lets you save the playlists you create and resume playback later.

YouTube™ ListPlayer adds a button next to the URL bar that opens a pop up with a search bar. The search bar is what actually generates the playlist. You will see two radio buttons above it that let you choose whether you want to add a ‘Single’ or ‘Multiple’ keywords to your search. The amount of search results that are generated and subsequently added to the playlist can be set between 20 and 80 from the drop-down right next to the radio buttons. The three buttons next to the search bar let you skip a video, view the playlist or your search history.

Enter the name of an artist or song in the search bar. The extension will offer suggestions as you type. Hit enter when you’re done and the list of videos included in the playlist will be shown below.

YouTube™ ListPlayer

The list is accompanied by a vertical bar of playback and playlist management controls on the right. You will find buttons for shuffling or saving a list here.

There are shortcuts for managing the list as well. You can quickly switch to a video by left-clicking it, hit the ‘D’ key to remove it, use the ‘K’ and ‘J’ keys to move up and down the list respectively and right-click to delete the entire list.

YouTube™ ListPlayer list

All in all, YouTube™ ListPlayer is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to create and play YouTube playlists, and ideal for users who mostly go to YouTube to queue a few song videos while they browse the web.

Install YouTube™ ListPlayer From Chrome Web Store

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