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Create Responsive Websites With SiteSupra Content Management System

Most modern websites these days are powered by Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress or Blogger. These CMS tools are mostly PHP-based applications that are infused to your server and let you login to a dashboard and edit pages on the fly. The rise in responsive website designs of late have seen incredible popularity among webmasters, but custom coding such websites seem like a complex job unless handled by a professional. On the bright side, we’ve seen an increase in simple CMS services during the past few years that use just plain text files and native templates to let users build fully responsive webpages with the least amount of effort. One such nifty new online CMS tool is SiteSupra which makes it easier to build professional looking responsive websites.

SiteSupra - create amazing websites

SiteSupra has plenty of built in themes and allows you to use them as a foundation for your project. And although, the overall aesthetic quality of these themes isn’t up to todays’ standards – the themes are also fairly limited – there are a few gems worth your time.

To get started with SiteSupra, you must first pick a template design from the available options. All themes are responsive irrespective of which design they have, meaning that whichever one you pick from the lot you would be catering to both your mobile and desktop based visitors. When you click a theme, SiteSupra even gives you specific details about it and allows you to interact with it via live demo.

SiteSupra_Design Template

Assuming that you’ve picked your desired template design, the next step is to register a SiteSupra account. The sign up process is pretty straightforward requiring just your full name, email and password.

After specifying aforementioned credentials, the very next step is to pick the project title – your site’s name or title that is – as well as the sub-domain that will be associated with it. Once ready, click Submit to complete the registration process.

SiteSupra then introduces you to the main dashboard area where you can build and design your site to your heart’s content. It shows you the sitemap as a starting point from where you can navigate to different sections of your site and make desired changes accordingly. You can also add new pages, or make changes to one of the existing samples.

SiteSupra is extremely feature-rich and configurable, in a manner that it lets you use a wide variety of page widgets, sliders, galleries, social share buttons etc. to configure your site as you see fit. You can also customize the header, navigation menu, sidebar and footer areas according to your liking.


Each section of the webpage, regardless of which area of the site you’re exploring, is highly configurable. Don’t like the header image? Simply swap it with a custom one of your choice. Footer is too slim? Fret not, SiteSupra lets you control the width. That, and there are a plenty more settings to tweak and tinkered with.

Another interesting bit is the use of place holders which lets users simply drag and drop required items into the placeholder to immediately snap them into place. In addition, the CMS also lets you make use of plenty of back office apps to control various aspects of your site.


One of the pivotal factors users take into account is the quality of hosting service to keep their website always accessible to their visitors. SiteSupra has made no compromise in this department as each user created site is hosted on Softlayer, one of the largest and most renowned Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider.

So how about pricing? Well, SiteSupra is currently offering three subscription models to its users; Free, Standard ($9.99 /month) and Business ($19.99 /month). Free account does have a few limitations such as 50MB storage space and 500MB of monthly bandwidth along with 10 pages and 1 user contribution at max. If you need more space, monthly bandwidth and features you can opt for the Standard account. While users with much more site audience can opt for Business account that comes with everything unlimited.

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