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Create & Share Password-Protected, Self-Destructing Notes With NoteDIP

There are many services out there like Burn Note or DUE.IM that let you send self-destructing notes to someone for any confidential purpose, or just to make them feel like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible. Self-destructive notes are quite interesting and easy enough to create; all you just do is create a note, send its link to the recipient via email or any other method, and your part is done; the note gets instantly eradicated once opened and read by the recipient. If you’re looking for a similar technique and want to send sensitive information to someone without leaving any traces, give NoteDIP a try. It’s a handy web app that allows you to create self-destructing notes in a few simple steps. To go one step further, it even sends you a notification when the note is read by the recipient.

NoteDIP is fairly easy to use and doesn’t require creating any account in order to send messages. You just write the note in the text box and hit ‘Create Notes’ button to generate the URL.


NoteDIP also doesn’t impost any limits on the length of the notes, thus allowing you to send even the longest of messages without a hitch. If you want to receive read notification, you’ll have to provide the your email address for the purpose. In addition, you can specify a custom password in order to add an extra layer of security to the note and keep it safe from prying eyes.


Upon clicking the Create Note button, NoteDIP automatically generates the note’s URL, which you can then send to the intended recipient. You have to copy that link and send it via email, IM or whichever way you like. Though an option like emailing the URL straight from app itself would have been nice.


If you had chosen to password-protect your note, make sure you send the password to your recipient as well, otherwise they won’t be able to view it. It’s a good feature that can save your notes from landing in the wrong hands, since you can send the note’s link through one medium (let’s say an SMS) and the password through another (an email, for instance).


Once a note is read by the recipient, it is instantly destroyed and becomes no longer available for anyone to see when they try to reopen the same URL again. If you had chosen to receive a read notification, you’ll get it in your mailbox as soon as the recipient opens the note.


All in all, NoteDIP is a great web app that provides an excellent solution for sending self-destructing messages fairly quickly and easily.

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