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Create & Share A Virtual Wall Of Documents & Media With Padlet

Padlet (formerly known as Wallwisher) is an awesome web app that lets you share files and messages with others in an intuitive drag-and-drop style. The core idea behind the the service is to create a virtual wall, where a single user or a group of people can create and share anything they like. This swift way of file sharing and collaboration is sure to attract diverse group of people such as students, teachers, project managers, business executives and even companies and organizations etc. to easily share their files and thoughts. The service calls this virtual space the Wall, where each participant has full control over what’s being shared, and any individual or group can build a virtual wall and load it with any stuff they like. Let’s see how it works after the jump.

Where many other file sharing services require some sort of registration to send files, using Padlet is a whole lot easier since it doesn’t really require a user account. Though an option of creating an account is also there, which in turn gives you more control over managing your wall, such as no limit regarding how long you can modify or keep the files. To get started, simply click ‘Build a wall’ in the center to begin creating your virtual space.


Padlet also throws in a plethora of customizability tools to play around with. If all you need to do is just share files, simply drag and drop your item over Padlet to upload it to the wall. Alternatively, you can double click anywhere on the canvas and select the upload button. To test the service, we tried uploading various files and were amazed to see how fast they were pinned to where we wanted them. You can upload almost every kind of file. In addition, the service also lets you play media files such as audio and video, and view documents including PowerPoint presentations directly from its interface.


The slim vertical bar on the right offers a few customization options to change the look and feel of your wall. You can change the background image by pasting custom wallpaper, modify layout between freeform and stream, and set privacy settings (private, hidden, password protected, public), along with a few other features.


If merely creating a wall and pinning your content on it isn’t enough for you, Padlet also offers an impressively quick way of sharing your wall over social media. You can share your wall on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn. In addition, Padlet also provides you with code for embedding your website anywhere on the internet, in plain HTML format as well as WordPress-optimized forma. To optimize access for mobile users, you can also generate a QR code for your wall from here. And if all this still isn’t enough, you can export your wall in image, PDF, Excel or CSV format.


To sum it up, Padlet is an impressively intiutive and elegant web app that provides a great solution to how we share and collaborate on our stuff with others.

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