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Delete Browsing History Related To A Specific Query [Chrome]

We all know how to delete our browsing history, and that if we’re going to look up something that is likely to upset someone should they see it, there is always Incognito mode. Of course, there’s still some searches that are completely harmless like when you’re shopping for gifts and you don’t use Incognito mode or when you accidentally watch lots of YouTube videos at work in the normal browsing mode. Now you have two choices; delete every incriminating link one by one, or delete your entire browsing history for the day. Neither are really great because one is time consuming while the other is very final in its effects. Here’s how you can delete your browsing history in Chrome for a particular website, or search in under thirty seconds without needing any extensions or third-part history purging apps.

Open Chrome and go to chrome://history/ (Ctrl+h). In the search bar, enter the keywords you used to search or the website that you want to erase from your browsing history. So long as the search words appeared in either the URL or the page’s title, they will show up in the search results. For example, if you conducted a search on Green eggs and Ham, then all links you visited with those words in the URL or in the title will appear in the results. If however, you found a page that gave you information on this wonderful book but neither its title nor its URL contained these words, it will not be listed. This is the only blind spot to this trick and it’s foolproof otherwise.


Select the first result and scroll down to the bottom to the very last result. Hold down the shift key, and click the very last result. Scroll back to the top and click ‘Remove selected items’. Chrome will ask you if you really want to delete the selected items and will also suggest you use Incognito mode next time (Chrome knows what’s up).


It’s a simple enough trick, a no-brainer in fact but just hard to figure when we actually need to purge our history. Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t let you do this. You can however, right-click a website in Firefox’s history and remove it completely. This means your YouTube trail can be deleted with ease.

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