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Digital Pigeon: Send Large Files Through Email From Web, Desktop & Mobile

Email services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo do not allow attaching large files, let’s say, 300 MB in size. The maximum combined size allowed for files attached to an email is 25 MB. Digital Pigeon is a comprehensive solution for sharing large files via email, particularly for businesses. It allows you to send files up to 5 GB in size and tracks them for you, i.e., it notifies you if your sent files have been accessed by the recipient. The latter is one of quite a few accompanying features meant for businesses, such as security for private emails and file download page customization for, say, press releases or newsletters. Digital Pigeon claims to provide “fastest uploading and downloading” through Amazon’s secure file hosting network. In addition to speed and security, the service comes supports instant previews for media (video, audio or image) files.

Signing up for a new Digital Pigeon account is free and once that is done, all you need to do is verify your account to get started. Using Digital Pigeon is as easy as using any email service. Log in, and it will take you directly to the send menu. Add the recipient email address, enter a Summary (subject of the message), a message, select an expiry period for the attached file, choose whether you want a Secure Send and click Send Now; it’s as simple as that. You can also Preview your message before you send it on its way. Premium account holders can, in addition to all this, choose to define a password for the files they are sending, enable Display media preview to recipients and select how the files will be displayed to recipients.


One of the good things about Digital Pigeon is that it does not require the recipient of the file(s) to be a Digital Pigeon user. When you send a file, the recipient receives a download link for that file. Premium account users are allowed to customize the download page (according to their brand, for instance). Customization options include uploading a new background, adding your own logo, and selecting colors and fonts of choice.


Digital Pigeon isn’t just limited to the web; it has desktop and mobile clients as well, currently available only for Mac and iOS, with Windows and Android variants around the corner. You’ll be given the option to download available apps as soon as you sign up for a new account.


The apps provide you easy access to your sharing history, let you upload and download files and provide notifications for upload/download progress completion, received files and file tracking.

Digital-Pigeon-iOS Digital-Pigeon-iOS-Settings

As mentioned earlier, the service is more suited for businesses. The free account has several limitations other than the ones mentioned above. For example, you can only send four massages per month, maximum file size is 500 MB, each massage can contain 20 files (with total size not exceeding 500 MB), and sent files expire in a week. The free account has the basic feature of detailed file tracking, delivery notification, and Desktop and mobile apps. To use all the features provided by Digital Pigeon, you need to pay them for different packages. User has the option of choosing from four different packages; Free, Basic, Professional and Teams.

Head on over to the Digital Pigeon website via the link provided below, sign up for the service and let us know what you think!

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