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Directly Transfer Files Between Two Desktops From Your Web Browser

File sharing is a heavily saturated market but most file sharing apps and services work with an intermediate server. Your file is uploaded to an online server or ‘cloud drive’ and you share a link to it. The file is then downloaded from said server by your recipient. This method of sharing files has its advantages e.g., your recipient can download a file whenever they have time and you aren’t bound to be online to send it to them. That said, many people still prefer a P2P transfer whereby your file is sent between two desktops. Take A File is a simple P2P file transfer service that lets you send files between two desktops all from your web browser.

Visit Take a file and click the ‘Drag and drop a file to start’ button. You can select a single file or you can hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple files.

Once you’ve selected the files, the app generates a link for you to share with whoever you want to send the files to. The files do not upload to an intermediate server.


Once your recipient has the link and they open it in their own web browser, the transfer begins. You can view transfer progress in your browser. The transfer begins only after the link has been opened.

You must keep your browser open in order for transfer to start and complete. Furthermore, the tab you have Take a file open in must be active for the transfer to start.


Take a file doesn’t take an abnormally long time to transfer files but transfer time will depend on the file size as well. The app states that there are no limits to how large a file you can transfer using the service. When you transfer multiple files, the app zips them into one archive that your recipient downloads.

Visit Take A File

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