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Disable And Manage Photo Tagging On Twitter

Twitter is slowly, and steadily adding Facebook-like features and the latest feature the micro blogging site announced was the ability to tag photos. At the same time, Twitter announced that users could now send up to four photos in a single tweet. While the increased number of photos that can be tweeted at a time are a reason to rejoice, anyone who has been tagged in a photo on Facebook will have natural concerns on what this new feature means for their privacy and if it can be turned off. The good news is that the new feature comes with privacy options to control who can tag you. The feature can be disabled altogether to prevent spammers and users you do not know from tagging you, or it can be limited to just the people who you follow.

Tagging works on both the web, and Twitter’s mobile apps for iOS and Android.  You can tag up to ten people in a photo and it will not cut into your 140 character limit.

What are my options?

You are given the three options for managing photo tags; ‘Allow anyone to tag me in photos’ allows anyone and everyone on Twitter to tag you in a photo. ‘Only allow people I follow to tag me in photos’ keeps photo tagging limited to the people you follow. ‘Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos’ lets you opt out of photo tagging completely.

Manage Photo Tagging From  Twitter Website

Visit your profile and go to ‘Security and Privacy’. You will see a new section called ’Photo Tagging’. Select your privacy settings and save your changes.

twitter photo tagging

Manage Photo Tagging From Twitter iOS App

The option for managing photo tagging from the Twitter iOS app is buried deep; go to your profile and click the cogwheel to access your settings. Tap the account you want to manage the photo tagging feature for and on the ‘Notifications’ screen, scroll to the very bottom where you will see ‘Photo Tagging’. Tap it to choose your privacy settings or turn it off.

notifications photo tagging


Manage Photo Tagging From Twitter Android App

To manage photo tagging from your Android device, launch the Twitter app and go to your settings. Select the account you want to manage the settings for and under ‘Other’ tap ‘Who can tag me in photos’ and select a privacy setting for tagging.

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