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How To Disable Show Notifications Prompt For Websites

Websites can show you desktop notifications. This is a feature that browsers support but websites themselves have to add the feature as well. Noteworthy examples of websites that can show notifications on your desktop are Facebook and Twitter. These notifications are sent via the browser and appear on your desktop as native OS alerts. Websites cannot just start showing you alerts. That would leave you with a lot of spam notifications. When you visit a website that can show desktop alerts, it asks if you want to enable them. You can choose to block these alerts however, some websites seem to show the notification each time you visit them. Here’s how you can disable the show notifications prompt for websites in Chrome.

Disable Show Notifications Prompt


Open Chrome and paste the following in the address bar, and tap Enter.


If you want to disable the show notifications prompt for all websites, turn the ‘Ask before sending (recommended)’ switch Off. This will block all notification prompts from all websites.

If you happen to visit a website that refuses to take no for an answer, and keeps showing the prompt despite blocking it, you might want to blacklist it inside Chrome. On this same screen, look below the switch and you will see a block list. Click the Add button and add the domain to the block list.

You can also whitelist domains i.e. allow some websites to show you notifications. To do so, scroll past the Block list to the Allow list. Here you will see another Add button. Click it and enter the domain that you want to allow notifications for. You can allow an entire domain or you can allow a single page. It’s up to you.


In Firefox, paste the following in the address bar and tap the Enter key.


Accept the warning and then paste the following in the search bar on the preferences page;


Double-click it to set its value to False, and restart the browser for good measure. This will disable the notifications prompt from appearing altogether. Unfortunately, the latest version of Firefox no longer lets you manually blacklist websites from showing notifications however, if you have the notifications prompt enabled, you can choose the ‘Never show’ option to blacklist a website. Whenever you visit it again, it will no longer ask to show you notifications. You cannot whitelist websites however you can easily remove a blacklisted website under Firefox’s options.

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