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dragdis Is A New, Dead Simple Way To Save Web Content Via Drag & Drop

Evernote combined with its web clipper forms what is currently the best way to save web content. Then there are services like Minus that focus a lot on drag and drop to provide users with a quick way to share files over the web. dragdis is a web service that changes the game entirely; to use the service and not fall in love with it would be astounding. It has a web interface and browser extensions that allow you to save videos, images and text to your own repository by dragging & dropping them onto a sidebar. The sidebar appears only when you’re dragging something to it and remains invisible otherwise. Items can be sorted to a new or existing folder as they’re being added. The items themselves can be previewed on the service’s web interface and shared on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. dragdis is in private beta, but they’re quite quick to send out invites.

Sign in to dragdis and install the browser extension/add-on. The extension won’t add anything to your browser’s interface.

Now, drag an image, video or selected text to the right of the webpage. Hold it there for just a second and the dragdis sidebar should appear. The sidebar behaves a lot like Windows 8’s Charms bar. It even sports a Metro-ish look to match.


On the sidebar, you will see three images already present in your storage and three folders added by default. You can add more by clicking the ‘New Folder’ button at the bottom and delete items by dragging them to ‘Trash’.

dragdis side bar

The extension lets you drag items from one page and add them to any folder in your dragdis account. The chances of accidently calling the side bar are little to none since drag and drop only works at the right edge of the page, and nowhere else.

dragdis’s web interface allows you to view saved items. The preview opens on the same page in a popup and allows you to share a direct link to it, or post the link on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. You can add tags and notes to each item from the same place.

dragdis tags

dragdis is amazing for how convenient it makes saving images, videos and text from the web. It doesn’t let you save the URL of a web page unless it is in text form though. The service is currently in closed beta and provides no indication of how much storage space a user has for saving items. The service will prompt you to install the browser extension by itself after you’ve signed up. Extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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