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Capture Screenshots Of Entire Web Pages Without Installing Anything

We’ve written about a bunch of screen capture tools over the years. When it comes to desktop apps, Greenshot and Shotty are simply the best in the business. Though at times, you need to capture the image of an entire webpage on your browser, and that’s where these tools can be a bit limiting. Fortunately, there are several tools out there for easily capturing screenshots of websites as well – some standalone and some in the form of browser extensions. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of installing anything on your computer or browser for the purpose, give web-capture.net a shot. It’s a web application that lets you save any web page as an image file, view the image directly in your browser, or download it as a ZIP archive. For more details, read on after the jump.


web-capture.net sports a very minimalistic and barebones interface comprising mainly of text. You can save images of web pages in a handful of different formats that include the popular JPEG, PNG and BMP, as well as some other useful ones like PDF, TIFF, PS and SVG. It’s worth mentioning here that the app only lets you save the entire page, meaning if you want to capture just a portion of it – such as region capturing options found in many major screen capturing tools – you will have to look for other alternatives, or crop that portion manually from the output file later using an image editor.

To capture a new screenshot, all you have to do is enter the URL of the page you want in the provided field. Next, you choose the format that you want for the output file from the dropdown menu. Finally, click the ‘Capture web page’ button to begin the process.


web-capture.net also provides a bookmarklet that you can place in your browser’s bookmarks toolbar for quickly capturing any page. To do that, drag the ‘Capture Me’ button to your bookmarks toolbar.

Upon capturing a webpage, web-capture.net begins to analyze it before presenting the final output, which usually takes only a few seconds. When the final output is available to you, you can either view your file or download it either as plain image file or a ZIP archive. It would have been nice if the tool also let you share the screenshot over social media right away, and we hope the developers consider adding it in the future.

Download Link

Overall, it’s an excellent web-based screenshot tool that ensures easy screen capture of whole web pages. The service can be used by anyone for free.

Visit web-capture.net


  1. Already finding it useful to print pages which are normally distorted by either the browser or printer settings, thanks for sharing and for the creators willingness to share.

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